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Location: St. Johnsbury Shambhala Center

Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, The Path of Individual Liberation – Hinayana teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche book study group

The Path to Individual Liberation is the comprehensive guide to the body of Buddhist teachings known as the hinayana. It brings together theory and practice in a way that reveals contemplative experience to be inseparable from the traditional concepts used to describe it. Based on teachings from the Vajradhatu Seminaries-–the 3-month-long meditation and study retreats that Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche led annually from 1973 to 1986—it covers in detail topics such as

  • the four noble truths
  • karma
  • the four foundations of mindfulness
  • meditation
  • the refuge vows
  • the three jewels
  • the five skandhas, and more.

The Path to Individual Liberation, along with its two companion volumes, comprises The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma. This text presents a complete map of the Tibetan Buddhist path from beginning to middle to end, from a teacher who had an extraordinary ability to convey the buddhadharma to the hearts and minds of his students. 

About the Book Study Group

Starting Nov. 9, 2022, each week attendees will read aloud, then discuss, the text, starting at the beginning, working to the end. The pace will be determined moment to moment. These texts are full and rich so this group generally goes on for many months. It is self-directed, with participants taking turns guiding the evenings’ discussion and pace. 

We will meet weekly on Wednesday evening via Zoom until we complete the reading of this text, which could take many months. We hope that occasional in-person gatherings will occur as our limits on physical space arise and dissolve. The Zoom room opens at 6:15 pm with conversation, followed by sitting meditation from 6:30-7:00 pm. Please mute when you enter during this time.  Reading and discussion occur from 7:00 pm to approximately 8:00 pm. Newcomers are more than welcome, each evening is a stand alone conversation.

There are no prerequisites to take part, although an established, or aspirational, meditation practice will make this more meaningful. 

REGISTRATION: It would be good to register at least a couple of days before the start, in order to receive the Zoom link. Starting in the beginning is, of course, most beneficial, but stepping in at any time is fine. It is not expected that every single person will be able to take part in every single evening, but some sense of commitment is most useful to each participant as well as the group. 

There is no charge for the study group. Contributions to the Shambhala Center of St. Johnsbury support members’ participation in practice and education opportunities. Become a member or contribute here. 

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