Program Details

Contemplation Practice

with Will Ryken
October 15 / 7:00 PM - October 15 / 8:00 PM

To live in the world, to practice meditation and mix it into our life, we have to have the dharma within us. The process is to reeducate and rewire ourselves so that when we experience something, automatically we see it through dharmic eyes. We acquire these eyes by first using our dharmic ears — incorporating the teachings into our body, speech, and mind by becoming deeply familiar with them. Then, when we encounter a situation, we know what to do; the dharmic response comes through naturally. -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Come join us on Tuesday night as we practice sitting meditation and contemplation. Contemplation is a way to incorporate the dharma into our being. We do this by reading a line or two and then meditating on it, letting it sink into our body. The evening will consist of meditation with instruction, contemplations chosen by Dapon Will Ryken, followed by great conversation about what came up as you sat with the contemplation.


A great way to deepen your meditation practice!


We kindly request a heart donation for whatever amount you feel for attending this program.


Here is an article from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche that discusses the idea of contemplation further: Becoming One with Dharma


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