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First Monday Dharma Talk: How Can We Tame our Minds?

with Janet Bronstein
March 4 / 7:00 PM - March 4 / 8:30 PM

The Buddhist teachings represent the collected insights and observations of meditators around the world and across the centuries. The Shambhala teachings represent the experiences of individuals who have participated in societies based on kindness, non-aggression, and appreciation of the natural world.  These monthly talks will explore what we can learn from these two intertwined wisdom traditions that can support our own lives and meditation practices.

The March dharma talk is How Can We Tame our Minds?

This week, BSMC will begin a 6 week class called “Taming the Mind”, a presentation of the foundational tenets of Buddhism.  The Buddhist view is that our core nature is clear, strong and kind, but that we also have a habit of protecting ourselves from discomfort by trying to make our experience of the world be fixed and amenable.  Because the world is inherently not fixed but is always changing and does not revolve around us as individuals, trying to solidify our experience causes us suffering. This talk will explore the opportunities we have to shift the experience of suffering, and how the Buddhist tradition can support us as we make this shift.


Meditation practice 7:00-7:25 (instruction available)

Dharma talk and discussion 7:35-8:30


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