Program Details

Kasung Sadhana Retreat

with Deborah Coats & Simon La Haye
March 22 / 6:00 PM - March 24 / 6:00 PM


Nowness, the Power of Dralasand Accomplishment


The Dorje Kasung path is a complete path. Throughthis practice we can realise the nature of our mind, touch the sacred energy of the world, and understand and manifest our compassionate nature. 


Dorje kasungship is a non-conventional training because it is based on ordinary activity: managing a household, driving a car, organising an event. Throughapplying the view of sacredness and nonaggression, these ordinary activities become transcendent. Soin order to understand how to overcome aggression, be kind to ourselves and benefit others, we are given profound practices to train and connect with the view. 


Because of our busy liveswe are always challenged because we do not often have the time to look at these practices, study or practice them. This program is a wonderful opportunity to be togetheras Dorje Kaung, look at the richness of our heritage,and discover further how we can help to create a dignified human society. To attend the weekend you need to have an active Dorje Kasung oath.


The DORJE DRADUL SADHANA practice is for students of Sacred World Assembly

The practice and study will be led by Dapön LaHaye


The MAGYAL POMRA SADHANA is for students of the Rigden Abhisheka

The practice and talks will be led by Dapön Coats.


Kasung who are new to the sadhanas will receive the lungs for these practices. For all eligible Kasung it is a rare and excellent opportunity to deepen their connection to the guru-protector sadhana and to the Magyal Pomra sadhana. 


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The price is 90 Euros

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