Program Details

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Day of Healing

May 18 / 8:30 AM - May 18 / 4:30 PM

We will gather together to nurture a sense of healing in our community. Whatever connection (or lack or connection) you’re feeling toward Shambhala, our Baltimore sangha is here to provide comfort and space for you to just be. This is a precious opportunity to come together as friends, to meditate, socialize and talk with one another.

For people who have left or are on the way out, this could be a way to have closure. For people who are committed to rebuilding, this could be a chance to raise our collective windhorse. For people on the fence . . . a chance to be with friends and see what arises.

We will practice in the morning and have discussions and appreciate the diversity of our views in the afternoon.  Childcare will be available.

Schedule for the day

8:30 am - Light breakfast
9:30 am - Sitting and welcome
10:45 am - Practices: Shamatha, Contemplation and Loving Kindness Meditaiton
11:45 am - Group Exercise
12:15 pm - Lunch
2:00 pm - Contemplations & Meditation
2:30 pm - Small Group Discussions
3:45 pm - Short Tea/Snack Prep & Break
4:00 pm - Feedback from Discussion Groups
4:25 pm - Closing Remarks
4:30 pm - Close

For more information, please email Linda Catling at [email protected] or Ed Hargadon at [email protected].

Donations to offset the cost of food for the day and to support the Center would be welcome and deeply appreciated. But most important is that *you* be part of this day.

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