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Radical Responsibility: The Path of Authentic Relationships

with Fleet Maull
August 17 / 9:00 AM - August 18 / 5:30 PM

Radical Responsibility is a transformative approach to realizing personal freedom and creating authentic relationships. It is also the title of a forthcoming book by Acharya Fleet Maull.

Radical Responsibility is based on the choice to take 100% ownership for each and every circumstance we face in life, including those we can see we had some role in creating as well as those that just seem to happen.  We do so solely to focus our time and energy where we can actually make a difference. This is self-empowerment, not self-blame.

In this provocative weekend program, Fleet will draw clear distinctions between genuine responsibility and the shame-based blaming that dominates our culture. He will challenge the audience to look at the ways we give our power and freedom away and compromise our authenticity in everyday life.The training will include trauma-sensitive mindfulness meditation instruction, experiential exercises, dyad work, and small group discussions. Participants will be introduced to an integrated set of trauma-informed transformative communication, leadership, and community-building skills.

Acharya Fleet Maull, Ph.D, CMT-P, is an internationally renowned social activist, meditation teacher, author and founder of numerous socially engaged organizations (including Prison Mindfulness Institute, Engaged Mindfulness Institute) who has been leading retreats and trainings worldwide, for the past 20 years. He is an Acharya (senior Dharma teacher) in the Shambhala Tibetan Buddhist tradition and a Roshi (zen master) and senior priest in the Zen Peacemaker Order and Soto Zen tradition.  He is the author of Dharma in Hell, The Prison Writings of Fleet Maull and the forthcoming Radical Responsibility: How to Move Beyond Blame, Fearlessly Live Your Highest Purpose and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good(Sounds True, spring 2019). For more information, see: and

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