Program Details

CREATE : Exploring Space & Form with Flowers

with Deborah Bright
July 20 / 1:00 PM - July 20 / 4:30 PM

Shambhala has many forms and symbols, all designed to help us bridge the gap between what is tangible and what is intangible. In this workshop we will explore the dimensions of heaven, earth, and human, through the practice of arranging flowers and objects to provoke our inherent wakeful nature. The botanic beings communicate and invite us to play in the intangible space of creativity.

The ultimate purpose in ikebana is not to make pleasant flower arrangements, but rather to cultivate the ability to stay in each moment, and to develop respect for others and all forms of life. This practice can connect us to the five elements, natural hierarchy, and constant flow and change of life.

Join us for this half-day practice of contemplative play.

If you have pruning shears please bring them.

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