Program Details

The Path of Recovery Retreat

with Dan Hessey
April 19 / 9:30 AM - April 19 / 4:30 PM

This program is cancelled due to travel and other restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please check back in late spring for updates on if and when this program will be rescheduled.

Program begins at 9:30 am, Registration at 9:00 am

"Most of our lives we have been our own greatest critics, with a harsh and unyielding internal voice that never stops commenting on what we lack.  What is missing in our path is the ability to have a genuine sense of kindness and tenderness with ourselves...when we develop the ability to be with ourselves without judgment, aggression, self-hatred, and self-criticism, all the contents of mind that come up in meditation and in our lives are not longer so shocking and frightening. They are more like dirty dishes - they are genuinely mess, and if we ignore them they stink up our whole life.  but there's no reason you can't wash them, one by one, put away the dishes, and serve a new meal in your life."

Join us to learn and experience the power of recovery through mindfulness meditation and the wisdom of lovingkindness. 

The Path of Recovery Retreat will explore the challenges of recovery and the three qualities of a mindful life that can be most helpful. Because recovery is an "inside job," we may find ourselves being both the physician and the patient. What qualities of a mindful life can be most helpful on our journey?  

The Path of Recovery Retreat will provide an introduction to the tools of mindfulness, including meditation and contemplation practices, talks, discussion and exercises with the goal of providing practical tools for participants to bring into their everyday life.

No meditation experience is necessary. Newcomers will learn basic meditation techniques to enhance, not replace, their own recovery program in a familiar and comfortable environment. Experienced meditators will discover new ways to deepen their current practice while supporting the group.

The Path of Recovery Retreat is open to anyone who is interested in exploring how the path of meditation and the path of recovery intersect. From a contemplative perspective, working with addiction is not about impulsively grabbing for something to stop the desire; it’s more about resting with the raw, naked quality of the urge. As human beings we are born with an inherent ability to be present for our experience. This innate quality can also become the basis for our healing. Being present for our experience brings us to the heart of recovery.

All are welcome (no prerequisites).

Acharya Dan Hessey discovered the dharma in 1973 through Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s book Meditation in Action and moved to Tail of the Tiger (now Karmê Chöling) the following year. He served as co-director of what is now Shambhala Mountain Center from 1985 to 1992, and has served on its Board of Directors before moving to the center as its resident acharya in 2016. He has taught the Shambhala dharma extensively in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Acharya Hessey is on the founding board of The Beanstalk Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting grassroots social entrepreneurs based in Denver, Colorado. Over the last ten years he has translated the Yijing (I Ching) from the Chinese into English. In his spare time he plays jazz standards haltingly on his guitar.

For more information contact Phyllis Woolley.

Please note that our generosity policy applies to this program: if you want to take part but the price is an obstacle, just email our coordinator and she'll find a way to make it work for you. (On the other hand, our Patron Price allows you to support scholarships for our programs; if you're able to contribute in that way it'd be a service to others.)

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