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A Special Introduction to Shambhala w/ Shastri Janet Bronstein

with Janet Bronstein
October 3 / 1:00 PM - October 3 / 3:00 PM

Buddhadharma as the Mountain, Shambhala as the Rivers and Trees

The essence of the Buddhist path is the commitment to challenging our projections, being awake, and living in harmony with reality.  Humans have the capacity to do this because we are uniquely self-reflective – we can know what our minds are doing.  Using the tool of meditation, we glimpse the space of awareness that is larger than our territorial versions of our life.  This space is open, awake and warm with compassion and the potential for connection.

Humans are also uniquely social.  We are always making meaning together with others, and our shared meanings and customs can create either support systems or obstacle courses for living in harmony with reality.  The Shambhala teachings are a living distillation of the human wisdom about creating a social context that both expresses awake space and supports us in accessing it. 

The Shambhala path is a map for the journey towards realizing the awake quality that is possible in all social interactions.  We can call this creating enlightened society.  This path involves practicing the courage of not being afraid of our genuine experience and cultivating the skillful means of daring and gentleness in our interactions with the world. 

In this program we will explore the root inspiration of the Shambhala teachings and the evolving path that can support us in living a sane and helpful life within the challenges of our place and our time.

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