Acharya is a Sanskrit word that means “teacher.” It refers to individuals that Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche has empowered to represent him and the Kagyu, Nyingma, and Shambhala lineages he holds. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche chose these individuals because of their knowledge, wisdom, and commitment to the confluence of teachings found in Shambhala.

Acharyas travel to Shambhala Meditation Centres to offer teachings, programs, and vow ceremonies. Some have selected certain teachings to be their main focus (such as Maitri, Death & Dying, etc.). You can click on each of the names below to learn more about each acharya.

Acharya Daniele Bollini's schedule:

2022-02-19, Ticino, Sorridi alla paura - Shambhala Training Livello 2

Acharya Marianne Bots's schedule:

2022-02-12, Rotterdam, Shambhala Training 1: De Kunst van het Mens zijn

Acharya Han de Wit's schedule:

2022-02-19, Amsterdam, (with: Acharya Han de Wit, Flip Kolthoff, ) Shambhala Training 1: De Kunst van het Menszijn VOL + WACHTLIJST !
2022-03-26, Montpellier France, (with: Acharya Han de Wit, Shastri Suzanne Prysor-Jones, ) L'art d'être humain (mini-retraite de l'Apprentissage Shambhala)

Acharya Suzann Duquette's schedule:

2022-05-07, Karme Choling, (with: Acharya Suzann Duquette, Jane Arthur, ) Online: How To Lead Strategically — Discovering & Deepening with Zhuge Liang
2022-09-16, Karme Choling (Eva Wong, Acharya Suzann Duquette, ) Creating Strategies for your QiGong Practice

Gaylon Ferguson's schedule:

2022-02-19, Berkeley, The Future is Open: Karma and Commitment
2022-02-22, New York, Dharma Gathering: Welcoming True Nature

Acharya Moh Hardin's schedule:

2022-03-27, Shambhala Online, Shambhala Sunday Gathering - Albert Einstein on Egolessness and Compassion

Acharya Arawana Hayashi's schedule:

2022-03-19, Montreal, Open Sky
Shambhala Training Level V

Acharya Dan Hessey's schedule:

2022-01-31, Karme Choling, Zoomless Half Dathun: Practicing Kindness
2022-02-21, Karme Choling, Bringing Emotions to the Path

Acharya Richard John's schedule:

2022-03-03, Casa Werma Mexico, Ten-Day Mahamudra Retreat
2022-04-15, Karme Choling, Hybrid: Four-Dharmas Weekthun
2022-04-22, Karme Choling, Hybrid: Ashe Mahamudra Weekthun for Shambhala Vajryana Practitioners

Acharya Mathias Pongracz's schedule:

2022-01-28, Marseille, Comment bouger quand rien ne bouge?
2022-01-29, Marseille, Qigong chinois traditionnel (niveaux 1 & 2)
2022-02-04, Paris, Prendre son temps, s’armer de la patience - Conférence en ligne
2022-03-26, Vienna, Weekthun in Puregg mit Mathias Pongracz

Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown's schedule:

2022-02-26, Boulder, Deepening our Connection: A Great Mandala of Blessings Weekend
2022-04-23, Boulder, The Padmasambhava Principle: A Rain of Blessings Weekend
2022-04-30, Dechen Chöling, (with: Eva Wong, Acharya Samten Kobelt, ) Strategies for Health
2022-09-16, Karme Choling, (with: Eva Wong, Acharya Suzann Duquette, ) Creating Strategies for your QiGong Practice