York Stillman

Shastri York Stillman first connected to Chogyam Trungpa and the Buddhadahrma at the first summer of Naropa in 1974. He stayed in Boulder, involved with the Vajradhatu community, for the next 10 years until he moved to North Carolina in 1984. Marrying a Brazilian, he moved to São Paulo in 1991 and helped start the Shambhala Center of Sāo Paulo. York has been in São Paulo ever since, volunteering for Shambhala in various roles at different times as a director, teacher, head of Practice and Education, Regional Commanding Officer and now as a Shastri.

Shastri Ronald York Stillman Jr.'s schedule:

2022-02-26, Karme Choling, (with: Paula Bickford, Shastri Ronald York Stillman Jr., Dr. Brian McCorkle, ) ONLINE: Eastern Americas Dön Season Retreat for Dorje Kasung