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Learn to Love Yourself

Explore this recorded Shambhala Online course at your own pace.

About the Course

Discover or rediscover your connection to meditation—and to yourself. This self-paced retreat is a powerful way to reconnect with our minds and hearts, and to open up to ourselves and our experience in a way that is more connected, caring, and kind.

Life can be chaotic, with increasing demands on our time and attention. We are stressed by our own and others’ expectations, and struggle to accomplish everything we need to do. The Learn to Love Yourself course offers an antidote to our constant busyness and frustration. In this course we will connect with our soft hearts, into our inspiration and creativity and leave feeling more alive and refreshed.

If you have never meditated before, you will be given clear instructions on how to meditate, and be guided through how to develop a regular meditation practice. If you are a seasoned meditator, this self-paced retreat offers the opportunity to slow down and reconnect to the simplicity of meditation practice. There will also be exercises designed to open our minds and hearts to the beauty and power of being in the moment.

Talks themes throughout the course include:

  • Making Friends With Yourself
  • Working With Anxiety & Difficult Emotions
  • Developing Confidence and Trust In Yourself

This course is ideal for first time meditators and for anyone wanting to develop a deeper relationship with themselves and the world around them.

About Sabine

Sabine Rolf is a senior teacher and has been practicing meditation and contemplation in the Kagyu and Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist lineages and in the Shambhala lineage for more than 20 years. She teaches internationally about Buddhism, Shambhala, Contemplative Psychology,  Maitri Space Awareness, and Mindful Communication. Sabine studied Philosophy and German Literature in Hamburg andworks in leadership teams in Adult Education and Preventive Environmental Protection. She lives in the countryside in Germany.  



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