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Location: Stockholm Shambhala Meditation Group

How does meditation practice develop with time?


How does meditation practice develop with time?

With David Hope

20-21 april


“Having first accomplished shamatha, one proceeds to practice vipashyana. The reason for this is that vipashyana is seeing the nature of the mind as it is by observing it through discriminating knowledge; and in order to see it, one must start with shamatha, since it is absolutely necessary to have control over the mind to be observed, by making it workable”.

                                                                                     – Jamgong Kontrul Rinpoche

The path of meditation is not static, but rather, a process of continual change and deepening. We begin with the practice of Shamatha (making friends with ourselves) which is based on simplicity and precision.  With time, this leads to and experience of Vipashyana, a vast perspective and a full connection with our world which comes from being present and alive to whatever arises in it.    

This weekend will deepen our practice of shamatha, and explore how it transitions further into vipashyana and finally “Shamatha-Vipashyana”. 

Open to all


David Hope has has been a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche for the past 40 years. He helped establish the London Shambhala Center in the early 1980’s. He has taught widely in Europe and other countries worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. He now lives on the South Coast of England.

David Hope will teach on Zoom. The teachers Alex Paterson and Stefan Wrenfelt will be present. 


Location: Studio Kärleken, Skärmarbrinksvägen 6. Subway station/T-bana Skärmarbrink, Blåsut and Globen.
1100 skr (800 members, stud, unemployed, retired) Half price for participants from the Denmark, Finland and Norway. 

Welcome to Sweden if you come from abroad
Check SAS, Norwegian and other airlines to Arlanda, the main airport, www.flysas.com, www.norwegian.com.
Please get in contact if you need help with lodging or other questions

Questions and info: [email protected]

Plats: Studio Kärleken på Skärmarbrinksvägen 6. Gångavstånd från T-bana Skärmarbrink, Blåsut och Globen.

Pris: 1100 kr (800 medlemmar, stud, pensionärer, arbetslösa) anmälningsavgift 300 kr betalas till pg 1342970-9. Glöm inte att skriva vem anmälan kommer ifrån. Halva priset för deltagare från Danmark, Norge och Finland. 500 kr för studerande under 30 år.

Frågor: [email protected]

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